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New Orlean's Love Affair
New Orleans Love Affair
(c)Towers Wilber

I'm in love with the man from New Orleans
with the loving loving loving loving
Loving big heart.
I'm in love with the man from New Orleans
we never never never never never should part.
I don't know why
I said good bye
This new Orleans love affair's making me cry.

Well he was happy he didn't complain
I broke it off
I must have been insane
He had a warm tender loving touch
I never had anyone love me that much
I ran away
when he said stay
This New Orleans love affair's making me cry

I'll call him up on the telephone
he's sitting there all alone
It's up to me to make it right
I think I'll give him a call tonight
This New Orleans love affair's making me cry

I?ll book a flight on the very next plane
If I cant? get a ticket, then I?ll jump on a train
New Orleans ain?t a bad little town
If I?m anywhere else
Then I?m going to be down
It was fast
That doesn?t mean it won?t last
This New Orleans love affair?s making me cry
Short Song Description:
Love affair that ended but probably will start up again.
Lyric Credits: Penny Towers Wilber
Music Credits: Penny Towers Wilber
Performance Credits: Penny Towers Wilber
Song Length: 3:42
Primary Genre: Pop-General
Secondary Genre: Unique-Unclassified
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