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I'm Not Crazy About Fishing
I'm Not Crazy About Fishing
© Penny Towers Wilber

I'm not crazy about fishing
for some reason it just don't sit right
I'm not crazy about fishing
Especially when the fish start to bite

When I see the little boys
digging in the dirt
I feel kind of nervous
I search for my camouflage shirt

I find myself wishing
There was no such thing as fishing

When I see those shinning hooks
That's when I start to squirm
I'm not crazy about fishing
because I am a worm

Because I am a worm
Lyric Credits: Penny Towers Wilber
Music Credits: Penny Towers Wilber
Producer Credits: Penny Towers Wilber
Performance Credits: Penny Towers Wilber
Song Length: 1:21
Primary Genre: Unique-General
Secondary Genre: -
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