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Every Single Time (featuring Nils Rurack)
Every Single Time
2000 Penny Towers Wilber

Every single time
I tell you that I love you
You run away
You throw our love away
But when I say it's over
You come back to stay

Every single time
I swear that you're the only one
You say it's over and done
You always have to run
But when I tell you it's really the end
You come back to stay

How long will you play this game?
How long is it going to be?
If you only want what you can't have
Then baby you can't have me

Every single time
I tell you that our future looks bright
You say something's not right
Then you start a big fight
But when I tell you I'm finished for good
You come back to stay

Short Song Description:
Song about a man who seems unable to commit yet always returns especially when he thinks it's really over.
Story Behind the Song:
Nils Rurack added to and brought this song to life with his creative musical ideas and wonderful playing!
Lyric Credits: Penny Towers Wilber
Music Credits: Penny Towers Wilber and Nils Rurack
Producer Credits: Nils Rurack
Publisher Credits: Nils Rurack and Penny Towers Wilber
Performance Credits: Penny Towers Wilber and Nils Rurack
Song Length: 2:11
Primary Genre: Jazz-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: Jazz-Lounge
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
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