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Haven't Had Time
Haven't Had Time
(c) Penny Towers Wilber

I haven't had time to testify

about the things I feel for you,

and I haven't had time to electrify

the world I need another year or two.

I need more time to make a big impression

to illustrate my mind's progression

I wish you knew me.

I haven't had time to actualize

all the things I really want to do

and I haven't had time to mystify

the general public and the family crew.

I need more time to cause a big sensation

to exhibit the flow of my imagination

it's coming through me.

I haven't had time.

I haven't had time.

I haven't had time.

I need a little more time.

I need more time for investigation

well what's going on with this whole operation

what's happening to me?

I need more time to cause a real reaction

with the public domain and my family faction.

What's happening to me?
Short Song Description:
Song about not having enough time.......
Lyric Credits: Penny Towers Wilber
Music Credits: Penny Towers Wilber
Producer Credits: Josiah Ruff
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Penny Towers Wilber
Label Credits:
Song Length: 3:55
Primary Genre: Unique-General
Secondary Genre: -
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
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