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You Broke It You Fix It (New)
You Broke It, You Fix it
Penny Towers Wilber

You broke it, you fix it
It only seems right
You broke it, you fix it
You can start on it tonight

It shattered when you touched it
I warned you beware
You broke it, you fix it
I hope you're good at repair

It's taken a tough life
It's survived every fall
It's taken some hard knocks
But it's held up through it all

It's battered, it's tattered
You tore it apart
You broke it, you fix it
Now patch up my heart

Short Song Description:
Song of heart break and potential repair!
Lyric Credits: Penny Towers Wilber
Music Credits: Penny Towers wilber
Producer Credits: Wm Vietch
Song Length: 3:56
Primary Genre: Country-General
Secondary Genre: Pop-General
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