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Tilt The Bottle
Tilt The Bottle
(C) Penny Towers Wilber

I could never be tied to a marriage ya know
I've tried, Oh yeah
I couldn't be retrained when me bottle needed to be drained
And the night moon called me faraway
I couldn't be in your arms
And calmly stay
Cuz I'm a free bird
And I'll remain that way

Tilt the bottle
and hoot to the hills
You're better without girl
I never pay bills
Tilt the bottle
I need to be meself
Life's a party
Can't sleep on the shelf
Shiver me timbers on Saturday night
And don't try to stop me from having a fight
Tilt the bottle
And hoot to the hills
give me a kiss
And one of those chills (pills)
Hey hey hey!
Tilt the bottle
And tousle me hair
She'll look in the library
But I won't be there
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey!

Short Song Description:
Out on the town with his buddies Mr O'Reilly makes a blunder.
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Lyric Credits: Penny Towers
Music Credits: Penny Towers
Producer Credits: Dennis Wilber and Penny Towers
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Penny Towers
Label Credits:
Song Length: 1:03
Primary Genre: Unique-Comedy
Secondary Genre: Unique-Comedy
Lead Vocal: Mixed Vocals
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